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Jacob W. Wagner, Ph.D.

Fax: (440) 290-4508

Jacob Wagner’s extensive technical background has prepared him to work on a wide array of subject matter including chemical, materials, optical, computer program, digital logic, manufacturing, processing, mechanical, and polymer related inventions.

Jacob has experience preparing original domestic patent applications. Jacob also has experience preparing responses to domestic Office actions from originally-filed applications and responses to foreign Office actions from the China National Intellectual Property Administration, European Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, Korean Intellectual Property Office, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, and Intellectual Property India. Additionally, Jacob has conducted state-of-the-art investigations on potentially inventive concepts.

Jacob is a patent attorney and graduated first in his class from law school in May 2020. Jacob was the Managing Editor for the IP Edition of the Akron Law Review. Jacob is a member of the OSBA (Ohio State Bar Association), CMBA (Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association), and AIPLA (American IP Law Association).


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