Our professionals provide trademark expertise and patent experience in various patent practice areas with an industry focus in the Electrical, Semiconductor, Computer Hardware/Software, Chemical, Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Optics, Glass Manufacturing and Ceramics industries.


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Stephen S. Wentsler

Fax: (440) 290-4508
Since 2000, Steve Wentsler has gained extensive experience preparing and prosecuting patents in the mechanical, electro-mechanical, glass manufacturing and ceramic industries. Prior to entering the practice of law, Steve was a patent examiner at the… Read More
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Donald J. Firca, Jr.

Fax: (440) 290-4508
Don Firca is a seasoned patent attorney with twenty years of experience handling patent preparation and prosecution in the electrical, computer, chemical, and semiconductor-fabrication arts in the United States and internationally. Read More
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Martin M. Kilbane

Fax: (440) 290-4508
Since 2008, Martin has gained extensive experience preparing and prosecuting patents in the electrical, semiconductor fabrication, mechanical, electro-mechanical, and glass manufacturing industries. Prior to entering the practice of law, Martin was a… Read More
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Donna M. Klett

Fax: (440) 290-4508
Donna has extensive experience practicing trademark law including conducting trademark clearance searches, preparing and prosecuting trademark applications, and drafting trademark clearance opinions. Donna also has experience monitoring for trademark… Read More
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Jacob W. Wagner

Fax: (440) 290-4508
Jacob Wagner’s extensive technical background has prepared him to work on a wide array of subject matter including chemical, materials, optical, computer program, digital logic, manufacturing, processing, mechanical, and polymer related inventions.… Read More
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